Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL!!! *Dances madly around the room* For those of you who haven't guessed, I'm completely knackered and avoiding my homework today Hey, after spending the last 24 hours studying for my psych exam, taking the psych exam and trying to fit in a few hours of sleep, I'm entitled to a day away from homework. Course, this means that my usual slack after class Friday is out. *Pout* Ah well. So, in the process of avoiding my homework, and being surprisingly bored as a result, I found a great site for jokes! Don't remember how, sorry, but I'm gonna post the link at the bottom, along with a list of some of my faves so far (There's hundreds, so I've barely scratched the surface) Oh, and of course, I couldn't resist throwing in a quote from perhaps my all-time favorite moment in the TV show Stargate SG-1 (Yes, I've been that bored today, that I actually started reading a list of quotes that I stumbled across for the show) And now, on with the funnies!!

Jack O'Neill: Handing in my resignation.
Samantha Carter: Resigning? What for?
Jack O'Neill: So I can do this...
[kisses Sam

The best way, I've found, to explore this page is to go to the sort by category page. 
Under "blondes", some of my faves so far are as follows: 
     Brunette meets Genie
     Blonde-Elmo Factory
     Three Girls Meet the Fairy
     Two Blondes and a Camel
     Another Dumb Blonde
    Not-so-Dumb Blonde
Under "Men and Women":
     Applying for a Job at the CIA
     Mommy and "Uncle" Frank
     Moon Talking
     Men vs. Women vs. The Short Story
     What do I Look Like?
     Devil in the Church

And that's just the first couple of pages! Enjoy! :D

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