Saturday, February 26th, 2005

Hey all, this is just another school assignment, not an update. It's just a 'between scene' for Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream', and it definately needs some editing done. Anyway, later all.

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Heather Wahlberg
English 201 - Shakespeare
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February 25, 2005

A Midsummer Night’s Dream ; Act 1 Scene 1 ½

Theseus and Hippolyta bid Egeus farewell before making their way to a private sitting room. The moment the doors have closed behind them, Theseus steps forward to take her in his arms, but she pulls out of his reach and turns to stare at him with horrified disbelief.
“Hippolyta, my love, whatever is the matter?” he asks in confusion.
“How could you be so unfeeling toward that poor girl? Can you not see she loves that boy, Lsyander, and desperately so, else she would have long ago given in to her father’s wishes to marry Demetrius.”
Theseus sighed wearily at her words. She was a former Amazonian queen, mother to a nation of women who were free to act as the men of his own Athens did. He should have been expecting her to have reservations over this matter. At least she had the diplomacy to wait until they were alone before bringing the matter up. As with parents and their children, it would undermine their authority to be seen arguing in front of those they were to rule.
“Hippolyta, I can do nothing for them. The law sides with her father in this. He has the right to choose her husband. So long as Demetrius wants her, and her father grants permission, she must marry him, and not Lysander.”
“Surely, as the king of Athens, you can find some way to satisfy all parties? What of the girl Helena? Can you not bid Demetrius marry her instead? You said yourself they were engaged.” Hippolyta asked.
Theseus shook his head and sighed, walking over to look out the window. “I said that I had heard tell of their courtship.“ He turns back to look at her knowingly. “But, come Hippolyta, would you have me bind the man as the law binds Hermia?”
Hippolyta stalked over to him, the warrior in her coming to the fore. “No, I would not, but surely he deserves it all the more for seeking it in her! You are the king of Athens, surely you can overrule him.”
“I have told you that I cannot.” Theseus repeated, his own blood beginning to boil as though for war.
“Do the girl‘s feelings mean nothing, then?” She said hotly, pressing a fist to her breast to emphasize her point. “Or does the law demand she cut her heart out, too, lest it dare to feel again?.”
Theseus sighed as though suddenly realizing that she identified a bit more with Hermia than was comfortable for either of them. “Hippolyta, my love -”
“Your love? What of her love? She poured her heart out to you, looked to you for help, and you denied her! She loves Lysander, not Demetrius, and yet you would condemn their love for her father’s sake. Are you so powerless in your own kingdom that you cannot help one girl?” she challenged.
Theseus stepped forward with a dangerous look on his face, backing her against a table. “Be careful what you say Madame. You, too, have ruled a people. Can you say that the law was always on your side? Or would you have your people always following their emotions rather than their laws?” Hippolyta sighs and looks down briefly before meeting his eyes again, her own flashing, with anger at him or her defeat was unclear.
“No, I would not. To disregard the law simply to suit your own purpose is to invite chaos. And yet, I would have you consider the girl.”
“And I have said my piece in this. No, as it stands, there are only the choices given by the law, and even I cannot change that. She will marry Demetrius or join the convent. Tomorrow she will make her choice, and all will be settled as it must be. Now come. Philostrate has told me that you have yet to make a selection of music for the minstrels to play at our wedding feast, and I am late for my public audiences.”
Still upset over the matter, but realizing she is powerless to change it, she takes his arm and follows him out, sending a silent prayer to any gods who would listen, that these children may somehow find a solution of their own.

Random rant

Saturday, February 26th, 2005 10:35 pm
Ok, so I am currently lamenting my lack of computer and feel the need to rant. After writing my paper earlier, and keep in mind that was basically from scratch, I have come to the realization that I write better at a computer. And I don't have one. You know what really bugs me though? My mother keep complaining that every time she has money to help me out with something, my sister pops up with a problem that needs an immediate financial infusion. And now, my sister, the one who was supposed to get married in two months? has broken off her engagement and told the guy to get lost, basically. Now my mother finds she'll have some money that she was going to spend on the wedding, and nothing to do with it. At one point over the last couple of weeks, she tells my sister that maybe she can use that money to... well I don't remember what... but you know what went through my mind? I felt incredibly selfish and self-centered for even thinking it at the time, but I can't help thinking it even now. I thought, "What about me? What about all your talk about helping me? What about that computer you've been telling me you wanted to help me buy... for the last YEAR?" *Sighs* I know it's selfish and unfair of me to think such things when I can always go out and find a job to help with this, but my parents have been helping my sister for almost 6 years now, and pretty much left me entirely to myself until recently. Is it wrong of me to want some of the attention that my sister seems to get in spades?
*Heavy sigh* I suddenly feel tired. I think it's time for me to head on home now anyway. Ki and her bf are eerily silent on the couch, and I'm afraid to look over and find out what they're doing. I only take it as my cue to leave. Anyway, thank you for allowing me to rant, as always. Better update later. Promise.

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