Thursday, January 6th, 2005

quick update

Thursday, January 6th, 2005 12:40 pm
OK, this is a quick update because I'm bored and falling asleep and I hope that this will wake me up a bit before my math class in an hour and a half, at which time I will be put into a coma if I'm not wide awake going in. :P I really hate math. OK, so not so much the math, as the teacher this term. I really wish I could have had the same teacher that taught last term, but she doesn't even teach the level I'm at, she skips right over it to calculus, which, oh goody, never taking if I have a say. It's going to make it really hard to concentrate this term, which is going to be hard enough in my western civ class, but to have only math to look foreward to afterward... *shudders* Ah well, I suppose I could actually go and do some more math homework and get ahead, or get started on my western civ paper for next week. :p Stupid annoying homework, how dare the teachers assign it. I mean, what do they think this is, school? :p Seriously, I'm starting to perk up a bit, and I do have stuff to do, so I'm going to sign off. *Sigh* wish my luck on staying out of a coma.

Love and huggles,
Lin :D

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